List of open positions in Michigan Jobs
Job TitleLocationPosting Date
Pharmacy ManagerAlpena, MI07/25/2014
R Loader A2Coldwater, MI07/23/2014
R Loader B1Coldwater, MI07/23/2014
R Lift Driver NONCON B1Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Orderfiller Non Conveyable A1Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Orderfiller Non Conveyable A2Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Orderfiller Non Conveyable B1Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Traffic Clerk B1Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Unloader\Processor DAR A1Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Unloader\Processor DAR A2Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Unloader\Processor SSR A1Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
R Unloader\Processor SSR A2Coldwater, MI07/22/2014
OTR DriverColdwater, MI07/18/2014
Market HR Manager Midland MI Mkt 204\205Midland, MI07/08/2014
Full Time Salaried Staff Pharm (exempt)Battle Creek, MI06/20/2014
Dr of Optometry LeaseLansing, MI06/16/2014
Staff Pharm (exempt)Traverse City, MI06/16/2014
Staff Pharm (hrly)Marquette, MI06/16/2014
Fulltime Staff Pharm Floater (exempt)Charlotte, MI06/11/2014
Dr of Optometry LeaseNovi, MI05/16/2014
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