List of search results for plainview.
Job TitleLocationDate
R Batcher FID4Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Loader SH4Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Orderfiller Non Conveyable NC1stPlainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Loader SHP2 FTPlainview, Texas07/24/2014
R Orderfiller Non Conveyable1 FTPlainview, Texas07/28/2014
R Orderfiller Non Conveyable2 FTPlainview, Texas07/28/2014
R Loader SHP4 FTPlainview, Texas07/28/2014
R Orderfiller SSBP PUT2 FTPlainview, Texas07/24/2014
R Orderfiller Breakpack Put5 FTPlainview, Texas07/28/2014
R Lift Driver BPK repl driver 4Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Orderfiller Full Case SSC4Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Lift Driver RSR 5th shiftPlainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Orderfiller Full Case SSC1Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Lift Driver RSR4Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Lift Driver RSR2Plainview, Texas07/24/2014
R FID Processor FID5Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R FID Processor FT 2nd shiftPlainview, Texas07/23/2014
R FID Processor FID 2nd shiftPlainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Unloader\Processor DAR1Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
R Unloader\Processor SSR4Plainview, Texas07/23/2014
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