Social Big Data Engineer

Job Location: San Bruno, CA

Position Type

Position Summary
Search processes billions of queries for millions of products on Walmart sites and apps worldwide. Whenever a user types in a query or browses through product categories on the web site, phone or the iPad, our service goes to work. We mine structured and semi-structured data from product catalogs, social web, transactions, query logs, etc. at an unprecedented scale. We work on big data problems, cutting edge relevance algorithms from information retrieval, machine learning, and ranking to deliver a high-availability, low-latency service, which directly impacts business metrics.

Position Description
The Opportunity
- build, release, automate and configure developer-ready code and systems into production environments
- design, develop, operate and administer multiple production systems and tools
- work with Hadoop / MapReduce and large-scale Analytics systems that are capable of ingesting, managing, storing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes of data
- be excited about making an immediate impact on a global scale

Minimum Qualifications
The Desired Skill-Sets
- a BS/MS/PhD in a technical field (CS, EE, etc.)
- advanced scripting skills in at least one of the following: Perl, Python,Shell or Bash and willingness to learn new technologies
- strong DB skills are a must, should be very strong with SQL queries
- the eagerness to change the world in a huge way by being a self-motivated learner and builder

Job Role
Social - Big Data Engineer


Job ID: 228732BR